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Moi Meatless?

Well I am a bit of an island in my family when it comes to eating full on no-meat meals. Many times (as a pork roast slow roasts in the oven) I am really just longing to eat the veggie sides. Just the other night, after returning from a trip, my husband surprised me with a mushroom and spinach omelet--presenting it with the same pride one might hand a juicy grilled steak over to a hungry athlete--just knowing how happy I'd be to eat meatless.

In a household with 4 hungry males--there is a meat heavy tendency.

Meanwhile at work, helping to create many kinds of food content from fancy cakes to weeknight meals, I have eagerly awaited the completion of our new Meatless book. Countless times I've said to our book editor, Ellen Morrissey, "I can't wait to have this collection on my shelf at home." See, I've eaten most of these recipes, and for them to grab me with the same big flavor that meat-based ones do means a lot of thought and skill has gone into their development.

Here, vegetarian takes center stage in a thoroughly and satisfying way. When I go home tonight (the Meatless book tucked under my arm), a new era begins in the Quinn household meal time where Meatless gets weekly rotation.

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