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Mad Hungry on Hallmark: Schedule Changes

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Hi Folks,

Earlier this week it was brought to our attention that Mad Hungry was not airing on Hallmark. After searching the schedule for the next few weeks, it doesn't seem as though Hallmark will be airing any episodes of Mad Hungry in the foreseeable future. We wrote to the Hallmark Channel but have yet to hear back official word on programming.

To know the show many not be airing saddens me a bit, as I know how many of you write to us saying how it's part of your day and how new people are finding and enjoying the show, Β but please know I am dedicated to providing all of you with new content of the same Mad Hungry you love. I have 9 more cities to visit on my Mad Hungry tour, which I have loved traveling and meeting so many of you; some episodes of Mad Hungry are now available on Hulu, and we're slowly building up our YouTube channel to not only have your favorite Mad Hungry recipe videos there, but also new content! I've started playing around with my phone while on tour to create and edit videos on the spot to post to YouTube. I'm not an expert at it, but it's been fun to learn and try it out along the way. In the coming months, I'll also have a few surprises up my sleeve too.

If you'd like to tell Hallmark how you feel,Β please write them on Facebook, on TwitterΒ Β or we found this email: and a phone number to call: 1-818-755-2400.

In short, I want to thank you all for your support and look forward to creation new content with Mad Hungry, on and off of TV.

LSQ & The MH Team



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  • Hallmark just doesn't get it. You're a perfect match with Home and Family and Marie. Lucinda, get Mad Hungry on the Food Network. We want Mad Hungry, all new and on the air.


  • Lucinda,

    So glad to see your latest comment. Mad Hungry must return. Everyone needs to call and write. Also, I hope you can get the show back on somewhere else.



  • Yes, Lucinda needs to back on tv with Mad Hungry. This is so ridiculous.


  • Where can Mad Hungry now that Hallmark seems to be not showing it?


  • There has to be a network that will be smart enough to make new Mad Hungry episodes.


  • I'll watch Mad Hungry or anything with LSQ, on any channel. It's a shame that Hallmark is toying with us YET AGAIN. Lucinda, you deserve to be where people enjoy and appreciate all you have to offer...and shame on Hallmark for screwing with a good thing. You're a gem!!

  • Is it just me or what? Every time I try to watch Home & Family, I just feel it is the goofiest show. Especially the hosts. Martha was sooooo much better. Bring back LSQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WHAT the heck is with the idiots at Hallmark? And actually, at any other number of these channels?


    On that note, LOVE Lucinda and LOVE my Spurtles!

  • Hi Lucinda,

    Love the new book. Enough is enough. Bring back Mad Hungry. We want new episodes. We love when you cook with Calder and other guests. Bring back the cooking teacher guy. He has great recipes and gets me through the week.

    Bring back you mom. It's nice to see you cooking with her. How much longer will "Hallmark" keep the show "hostage". We love everything about the show. I look every day to finally see the news that "you will be filming again".


  • Lucinda,

    Is there a way you can make some 5 minute cooking videos and post them on here. Cook with the people we want to see. In the interim, you can make a bunch of them until we have you back on television.


  • This is an absolute travesty. It's utterly ridiculous that your show isn't airing any longer Hallmark. We need more of LSQ and her amazing healthy recipes. I love to watch you and your sons and imagine that my life were different, oh well.

  • I agree with Robert. Make cooking videos and put them on here in the mean time.


  • I learned about this change with Hallmark yesterday when I went to watch my DVR recordings and found another show. I have a couple friends that I have told about MH and they love it. I will just follow your youtube tv from now on.

  • Hi Everyone,

    Thank you so much for the support and feedback. We wish it was easy enough to "just be put on another network". We are working to create other alternatives to create new and exciting content with Lucinda and the guests you have come to love and are hoping to roll that out once the tour is over in mid May.

    We appreciate your patience and your incredible loyalty as fans.

    The MH Team

  • I am so disappointed not to see Lucinda any longer on hallmark!! she was so inspiring with all of her family recipes!! I looked forward everyday to watch her show. great recipes!!

  • Bring Lucinda back. Miss her cooking show. She is the best.

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