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Mothers Day 2013

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Like so many folks out there--on this day I have such love and gratitude for the fortune of an amazing mom.
Here's a Mother's Day story about us.
Best to all moms out there too. LSQ


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  • Happy Mother's Day, Lucinda.


  • MH,

    So ridiculous MH isn't on Hallmark again. They play games with the whole schedule. I agree with other viewers, how about all new 5 minute videos for recipes on here. A whole bunch can be made. We need to see some new things to keep MH alive and moving forward. Hope Lucinda had a cool Mother's Day. Like many, I've been getting all of my recipes from John Contratti's newest blog. It has so many great things, that I would love to see him again with LSQ. There's lots to choose from.

    Finally, is the tour over, or will there be more destinations?


  • Love the photo. Yes, how about some new video recipe content on here.


  • That's a great idea. Film video recipes and edit them down. Have to keep the interest of MH fans.


  • Miss Mad Hungry so much. We need to see some new episodes/video/guests etc.


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