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Hi Everyone,

I love hearing people's stories of why food and cooking is important to them- whether it's how they're putting it on their own table, getting out there with a message to make the food system better, or teaching someone else your best recipes and tips.

When I began my publishing career, there wasn't any crowd-sourcing help or a way to get the message out to tons of people to fund books. Truth be told, I self-published my first book before it was picked up and published years later! Luckily,  there are a ton of different ways to get the message out today, and I've found these two Kickstarter campaigns that I wanted to spread to all of you Mad Hungry-ers.









Brooklyn Munch: The Cookbook

Brooklyn Munch is a food blog by Corrine Cuozzo. Don't be fooled by the title, although Corrine is based here in Brooklyn, her blog and would-be cookbook is based with the mission to make good food more accessible for everyone, especially those on a budget. It would offer recipes, including some excerpts from notable Chefs and their favorite meals to cook at home.  She is currently a bit short on her goal and only has 22 hours left before her campaign expires.









Sista Felicia's Sicilian Cookbook

As a fellow Italian and for those of you that have watched my show, some of my best food memories are of cooking from my family's Italian heritage. Those recipes are filled with warmth, comfort, history and flavor. Felicia is on an ambitious mission to share her family's recipes and traditions through a series of 4 cookbooks that will embody her "commitment to ensure the past is not lost but is forever saved for future generations".  Felicia has just a little more to go on her goal and has 10 days left.

Take a minute to watch their videos, read their blogs and Facebook pages, and if you feel empowered by Corrinne and Felicia, please donate!


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