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Pocket Pies

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For years I've made pocket pies as a strike against those nasty, expensive hot pockets sold in the grocery store. Even with all the food fresh food cooked at home, my boys discovered those convenient little suckers at their friends house. So I started making them at home --mostly chicken pocket pies--a hand held pot pie.

Only recently did it dawn on me to make leftover-pocket pies. Not that there are many leftovers in our house, but this week there is some steak pizzaola (from Mad Hungry Feed Men & Boys) and Chili Verde (yet unpublished or titled MH3). With some dough in the freezer--just defrost, roll it out and fill each cut circle with those chilled & solidified leftovers. Fold each one over and crimp. Brush with a little egg wash and bake 25 minutes. And it's hot, golden-brown, pastry-wrapped yumness!

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