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Hi Everyone,

Wanted to give you all a heads up that I'm on a much-needed vacation for the next few weeks-- it's been an incredible year of touring, spurtling, book writing, and more. I'm looking forward to coming back refreshed and working on exciting projects for the fall!

For those in need of some immediate Mad Hungry, check out our YouTube page , where we're uploading videos of your favorite recipes every week. Don't see one you're dying to watch on there? Comment on this post or at: and we'll pass on the suggestions to the video team.

Enjoy your holiday and I look forward to getting back to blogging in September.


Bob's Red Mill + Spar of the Spurtle Giveaway!

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Some things are meant to be! Two of my favorite worlds have randomly collided: spurtles and organic grains. Let me explain: for years I've been a diehard user of Bob's Red Mill products especially the steel cut oats and all flours.

I watched as the company has grown and kept itself front and center in a growing natural foods industry. As luck would have it, I met Bob (who looks exactly in person as his package image represents) and his team for the first time when they recently visited New York.

Soon after, they invited me to participate as a judge in a cook off in which Bob's is seeking the best recipe and cook to represent them at the International Golden Spurtle awards in Scotland. SPURTLE awards??? In case you don't know—I have gone spurtle-mad myself in the last five years—accidentally discovering one from a handcarver in Washington State that I used for everything. Once folks began to see it on Mad Hungry TV, the letters poured in requesting to know about "that elongated wooden spoon thing."

Finally last year we made our own Mad Hungry Bamboo Spurtles -the sustainable, sturdy, affordable, anti-microbial bamboo is the perfect material for the refined design we came up with. I use this favorite all-purpose tool literally for every kitchen utensil task except cutting.

But back to Bob's. They had no idea they had actually asked the spurtle lady to judge a recipe seeking a spurtle award. Talk about a perfect authentic partnership! So, on Friday August 16th I'll be in Portland, Oregon, judging the the finalists and their recipes in #sparforthespurtle (btw, love the that name)! I'll get a firsthand glimpse of Bob's Red Mill not to mention a visit to one of the great food cities in the USA.

In order to celebrate Bob's Red Mill and I have paired up to give the perfect prize pack! For FIVE lucky winners you will receive both Mad Hungry and Mad Hungry Cravings, 3 different varieties of Bob's Oats (Steel Cut Oats, Scottish Oatmeal and Old Fashioned Rolled Oats), AND a set of my own Mad Hungry-branded spurtles-- currently not available anywhere else!!

It's easy to enter and winners will be picked at random on Friday, August 16th. ENTER TO WIN HERE!

Stay tuned for stories from the spurtle spar this week and an oat and spurtle-worthy recipe every day! Today's #sparofthespurtle recipe? My Golden Granola, which I love making big batches of and using throughout the month.


Kickstarter Projects We're Loving Right Now

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Hi Everyone,

I love hearing people's stories of why food and cooking is important to them- whether it's how they're putting it on their own table, getting out there with a message to make the food system better, or teaching someone else your best recipes and tips.

When I began my publishing career, there wasn't any crowd-sourcing help or a way to get the message out to tons of people to fund books. Truth be told, I self-published my first book before it was picked up and published years later! Luckily,  there are a ton of different ways to get the message out today, and I've found these two Kickstarter campaigns that I wanted to spread to all of you Mad Hungry-ers.









Brooklyn Munch: The Cookbook

Brooklyn Munch is a food blog by Corrine Cuozzo. Don't be fooled by the title, although Corrine is based here in Brooklyn, her blog and would-be cookbook is based with the mission to make good food more accessible for everyone, especially those on a budget. It would offer recipes, including some excerpts from notable Chefs and their favorite meals to cook at home.  She is currently a bit short on her goal and only has 22 hours left before her campaign expires.









Sista Felicia's Sicilian Cookbook

As a fellow Italian and for those of you that have watched my show, some of my best food memories are of cooking from my family's Italian heritage. Those recipes are filled with warmth, comfort, history and flavor. Felicia is on an ambitious mission to share her family's recipes and traditions through a series of 4 cookbooks that will embody her "commitment to ensure the past is not lost but is forever saved for future generations".  Felicia has just a little more to go on her goal and has 10 days left.

Take a minute to watch their videos, read their blogs and Facebook pages, and if you feel empowered by Corrinne and Felicia, please donate!


Our Best Recipes to Keep Cool With

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We loved hearing your best tips and recipes for the heat wave this week! Inspired by all of your suggestions, we went through the Mad Hungry archives and picked some of our own hot weather favorites. Here are some MH recipes to help you stay cool all summer long:

Papaya Ginger Smoothies

Cold Tomato-Buttermilk Soup

Cucumber Yogurt Salad

Cold Sesame Noodles

Three Melon Salad

Strawberry Lemonade Popsicles

Heat Wave Recipes

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Yesterday on MH Radio we talked about heat wave remedies and oven-less recipes. Since the hot weather is just beginning here in New York, we want to continue the conversation and gather more recipe ideas to help us make it through the week! Here’s a photo of one of our radio callers' delicious looking fig appetizer with goat cheese and honey. If you have a favorite hot weather recipe, please share your photo using #MHHeatwave on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter. We’ll be updating the blog with other heat-proof recipe ideas throughout the week!