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Heat Wave Recipes

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Yesterday on MH Radio we talked about heat wave remedies and oven-less recipes. Since the hot weather is just beginning here in New York, we want to continue the conversation and gather more recipe ideas to help us make it through the week! Here’s a photo of one of our radio callers' delicious looking fig appetizer with goat cheese and honey. If you have a favorite hot weather recipe, please share your photo using #MHHeatwave on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter. We’ll be updating the blog with other heat-proof recipe ideas throughout the week!

Summer Pesto Swap

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Sort of boring but always seasonally amazing the first batch of basil is ready for pesto. Gonna switch it up and swap the pine nuts for a different nut. Hazelnuts? Almonds? Thoughts? Discuss!

And if you're looking for another switch to your pesto recipe, here's one that swaps the basil for spinach from Mad Hungry.


Potato Salad: Send Us Your Technique!

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When the topic of potato salad came up today on MH Radio, we were blown away by the enthusiastic response. At the first mention of this dish, phone calls, emails, and comments about favorite recipes started pouring in. We can’t wait to try out all of the suggestions from today. If you have a favorite secret ingredient, technique, or piece of advice for making potato salad please send it our way to or leave a comment on this post. We’ll be testing out potato salad recipes over the next few weeks and featuring them on the blog. Thank you!


LSQ & The MH Team

Simple Summer Desserts

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It’s time to kick back, relax, and celebrate summer! With the Fourth of July behind us we still have the whole weekend to enjoy the warm weather. One of my favorite ways to upgrade a simple dinner into something a bit more special is serving a fun dessert. Treat yourself this weekend by trying one of these summer-inspired Mad Hungry dessert recipes:

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Chocolate Cake with Whipped Cream and Berries

 Peach Shortcake

Vanilla Ice Cream with Berry Sauce

Strawberry Vanilla Ice Cream Cake

 Frozen Melon Margarita Pops

The Best Grilling Secret You've Never Cooked

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Ok folks if you haven't tried skirt steak--this is your new jump off--affordable, and with the most amazing chewy (yet tender texture).

Here I've coped an awesome "a-ha" technique from my fellow Artisan author Adam Perry Lang. Make a grilling sauce--any sauce (I used a ChimiChurri). When your hot meat, fish, or chicken comes right off the grill, drag it through the sauce immediately post-grilling; when the meat is still that hot, it'll actually absorb the sauce and add flavor to your dish like nothing else!

The accompanying zucchini and red onions grilled are dipped with Labne (or thick yogurt) that's mixed with chopped fresh dill. The whole dish is then topped with toasted pistachios or almonds-- it's SICK!! And the best thing is with the Big Green Egg--the grill is going with the enough room for the cast iron skillet to do its thing.

And if that isn't enough--we threw on some whole mangoes while we were eating and scooped out the juicy hot mango sauce onto vanilla ice-cream. WHAT!!! Happy Independence Day folks. Liberate yourself from the norm!