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Spurtlemania Contest: Have You Entered Yet?

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Hi Everyone,

Since we announced the return of Spurtlemania, I’ve been thrilled to see so many devoted spurtle users in the photos we’ve received so far. I’ve also been surprised and a bit horrified to see all the destroyed pots, pans, and utensils! It looks like you all need some spurtles in your lives. One of the big reasons I love my spurtle, besides how versatile it is, is how it keeps your cookware scratch-free and your food far away from chemicals (unlike other utensils). With the competition well underway (and with only a few more days to enter), I want to share some of the entries we’ve received and encourage you all to keep sending us your submissions. Here are a few of the photos we’ve seen so far:

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This reader's spatula looks more like burnt toast than a cooking utensil, which has reeked havoc on her pan too.

1 This reader's spatula looks more like burnt toast than a cooking utensil, which has reeked havoc on her pan too.

One MH Fan spurtled his way to first place by using his to brown meatballs and won top prize in a “Meatball Throwdown” competition.

2 One MH Fan spurtled his way to first place by using his to brown meatballs and won top prize in a “Meatball Throwdown” competition.

This MH Follower starts the day off right by using her spurtle to make an oatmeal breakfast.

3 This MH Follower starts the day off right by using her spurtle to make an oatmeal breakfast.

Seven years of spurtle-free cooking has ruined this reader’s pan.

4 Seven years of spurtle-free cooking has ruined this reader’s pan.

Think you can do better with your beat up cookware and utensils or the way that you use your spurtle? Submit your photos for your chance to win one of the FOUR free spurtle sets we’re giving away. Send your photos to us at by 6PM EST this Sunday, June 23rd and stay tuned for the winner announcements on Tuesday, June 25th.

Don't forget, LSQ will also be selling her spurtle set on QVC, a week from today (6/26) around 8PM EST on In The Kitchen With David! These spurtles sold out in under 4 minutes last time, so you want to tune in early to get one for you and the cook in your life!


LSQ & The MH Team


Spurtlemania is BACK and YOU can win a set of Spurtles!

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Hi Everyone,

When I began my television show, I kept hearing from viewers, "what is that utensil?" and "I need to have it!". With a lot of buzz, I happily created a Mad Hungry-branded spurtle, my tried and tested all-purpose kitchen tool, to share with my fans. We premiered it on QVC back in February, it completely SOLD OUT in under four minutes, with thousands on back order. Shortly after when I was out on the Mad Hungry tour, I was asked over and over by everyone I met, "where can we get your spurtle?" , "it sold out too quickly and I didn't get it", and "I finally got and LOVE mine, but want to buy more for family and friends!".  I, too, am only down to a spurtle or two, since I've gifted mine away after friends and family have asked what it was or saw me use it and loved it. It was so much positive  feedback, I knew Spurtlemania was real.


This is why I am psyched to tell you Spurtlemania HAS returned! We will be back on QVC's In The Kitchen With David, Wednesday, June 26th, selling my set of Spurtles. For those of you who don't know, my spurtle is my ultimate kitchen utensil. In fact, I consider it an extension of my right hand. There's nothing this trusty tool won't do: stir, scrape ,stir fry, serve, frost-- you name it, it does it, all the while without scraping your pots or melting and getting weird chemicals into your food, like other silicone and plastic utensils do.

To celebrate #QVCSpurtlemania, we are giving away FOUR sets of spurtles and you have TWO options of entering: 

For those of you that have  and love your spurtle, we want you to show us HOW you sprutle: what do you use your spurtle for? What's your favorite way to use it? Take a picture of your favorite way to use the spurtle (with the spurtle in action) and send it to MadHungryLSQ@Gmail.Com.

For those of you that don't have one, but do have the scars of not having  a spurtle: Send us your photos of your most scratched up pots and pans from years of using metal and non-bamboo cooking utensils on your cookware and those dinged-up-pieces-missing-burnt-and-melted rubber and silicone spatulas, wooden spoons other cooking utensils.  Send your photos with a short explanation of why you need a spurtle in your life to: MadHungryLSQ@Gmail.Com.

If you have  Twitter and Instagram, you can enter by first following Mad Hungry, and then tweeting and instagramming your photos with @MadHungryLSQ #QVCSpurtlemania.

All entries MUST be submitted by Sunday, June 23rd at 6PM EST. Winners will be chosen on Tuesday, June 25th. 


LSQ & The MH Team

Updates: Life after Tour, Radio, Kitchen Wisdom, and QVC

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I know, I know..the whole point of a blog is to feed the beast daily if not twice or three times. Actually—you'd think I'd really EMBRACE that since its so much easier than writing a book or magazine article which is what I'm usually doing. This old dog is trying to learn the new trick of daily blogging so thanks for the patience (those of you who look for it).

My book tour, which only ended a couple weeks ago seems like a year ago already!

 I'm settled right back in my day job at Martha Stewart preparing some very cool food stories for the magazine and getting ready for the summer work, which is always exciting in our business because it means working with all the amazing fresh fruits and vegetables of the season—a suprisingly fleeting treat.

June is our Food issue at MSL and I am really happy with the issue this year. One feature in particular is called Kitchen Wisdom in which our food team (including Martha) share our little secrets for success in the kitchen--those little tidbits no one formally teaches you, but rather you pick them up along the way from family, friends and colleagues. Starting tomorrow we'll have a Wisdom Wednesday live Twitter chat every week and hope to both advise, share and learn from you too. If you have questions, send them in advance on Twitter to @MS_Living with the hashtag #KitchenWisdom.

Also "live", I've gotten back to the groove of doing radio. For anyone who wants to chat Mad Hungry—we're on Sirius Stars 106 every Monday from 1-2PM EST, where we take calls from listeners at 866.675.6672 as well as questions and comments from Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #MHMondays. It's worth tuning in for the great conversations, but also, we'll be giving away a set of SPURTLES for the next two weeks!

Radio has always been a love of mine and I'm always suprized at how one little topic finds so much interesting conversation. This past week it was all about Texas Sheet Cake—something this Northerner just learned about this year. If you have any concrete history on the subject please share it at or if you have a great recipe I'd love that too.

One last note on my trusty spurtle: We'll be back on QVC June 26th (a Weds night) around 8pm In the Kitchen with David and this is the chance to get your own Mad Hungry set of spurtles, if you don't already have one OR get some gifts for the cook in your life. You really can't beat the price and workhorse nature of this utensil. I gave one to Martha a while ago and just today she mentioned how finally she got to use the spurtle this weekend and she used it for everything and LOVES it!

Again—thanks all for your conitinued support on this blog as I get back  in the blogging groove. Don't forget to follow Twitter or Instagram too @madhungrylsq—where the short and sweet notes and pics come to you daily, directly from moi.



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I'm home from the book tour and already it feels like I never left. Swinging right back into home and work life--cooking is the thing I love in both places.

Last night, we made some Pork Chops and Grits from some ingredients I bought in Virginia. Tonight I'm cooking a gift given to me on the road.

In San Mateo, California--Anthony attended my class and handed me this box of homemade pasta--basil, tarragon fettuccine. He said it is the most celebrated dish in his family.

His suggestion for sauce is:
melted butter, a dash if lemon juice and grated Parmesan Cheese. This is my kind of recipe. If you're in San Mateo, check out his business, Mangia Kai Pasta.

Once again, thanks to everyone who took their precious time to come and see me on the road. Now, I'm going to do my best to blog every day!!!


PS I will also try and figure out how to deal with my pictures, which is what always prevents me from posting!

Mothers Day 2013

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Like so many folks out there--on this day I have such love and gratitude for the fortune of an amazing mom.
Here's a Mother's Day story about us.
Best to all moms out there too. LSQ