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St. Patrick's Day Menus

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With St. Patrick's Day on Sunday, there seems to be two camps of people: Corned Beef and Cabbage folks and the non-Corned Beef folks. Luckily, We've got menus for both parties. Check out our two menus below to celebrate!

(Un)Corned Beef Menu: All the flavor of homemade corned beef but without the 3 days of curing. Plus, a mad good way to eat up the leftovers.

Uncorned Beef and Cabbage

Faux Reuben Sandwich

Salmon Menu: For those that don't love corned beef, I serve salmon. With some herbed mashed potatoes and green beans, it's a meal that's full of comfort.

Salmon with Lemon-Tangerine Hollandaise 

Creamy Chive Mashed Potatoes

Crispy Yet Steamed Green Beans

and a drink that goes with everything? I love Magner's Hard Cider.

MH Guest Post: Calder Quinn

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I am honored and thrilled to have the opportunity to post on Mrs. Lucinda Scala Quinn's (otherwise known as 'mom') blog this afternoon. The reason for this unexpected (and I must say flattering) appearance?  Announcing the first leg of LSQ's book tour for the soon to be released (March 19th) Mad Hungry Cravings.

Our destination?  The fabulous Central Markets that dot the larger of the only two states that used to be their own countries, Texas: Austin March 19thDallas March 20thFort Worth March 21st, and Southlake March 22nd, for four cooking demonstrations to be held at 6:30 pm.

We are beyond excited for this opening leg of the book tour. Me, because I managed to finagle my way onto the trip--I've been dying to visit Texas since I read about Davy Crocket at the Alamo when I was 5 years old; I can't think of a state that offers more to American culture, can you?

Furthermore, my mother will be hosting a radio show at 1 pm on Monday, March 18th, for the Martha Live show on Sirius XM Radio's Stars channel 107 to talk about the imminent release of her book and whatever else strikes her fancy.  The guests? Myself, and the true woman behind the scenes, the inimitable Lauren T.  We will be doing a simultaneous live facebook and twitter chat so please call in with questions at 888-410-2102. We will also be giving away, via Facebook/Twitter, 4 signed copies of Lucinda's Mad Hungry Cravings Galleys (some pre-published swag).

We look forward to hearing from all you Mad Hungrers!

Until next time,


From The Mad Hungry Cooking Lab

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Most of you know the MH background. When faced with a squad of hungry boy children-- Some strategies emerged for our parental survival....It’s all written about in the first MH cookbook if you need a few tips. Meanwhile, it makes me happy to no end to see these boys and their friends become their own everyday cooks.

One such distinguishable character, John Dennison, was Calder's roommate in college. As far as I could tell when we met—he had a propensity for packaged foods with an odd sidebar cooking repertoire, which consisted of Borscht and Angel food cake. One one visit to that apartment, I noticed a new addition to his act—noted through the demolition of a (handed down to Calder) Le Creuset pot.

Turned on to a Quinn breakfast staple of fried eggs over rice—John ran with it—making daily pots of rice for those eggs. And, just for the record—as impressive as his emerging cooking skills were—his cleaning up skills needed MAD help.Its is this very John I refer to on paragraph 2, page 12 of MH (just saying).

But judging from his photo he sent me today—three years since that college apartment-- he’s added sausage and peppers to his meal time, uses the spurtle on the regular and appears to have acquired a few cleaning skillz along the way too.

Cravings Tour: Dates, Cities and Details

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Hi Folks,

As I've mentioned recently, in just a few short weeks I kick off the tour for my new cookbook, Mad Hungry Cravings. I'll be traveling around the U.S. to about 15+ city tour where I'll be doing book signings, cooking classes, in-store demonstrations, talks, fundraisers and more.

What I'd love most, especially after the great success of QVC and the valiant return of Mad Hungry to Hallmark, is to meet all of you and thank you personally for your support, so please come out and say "hi"!

I've posted the dates below, as well as made a special page at the top lefthand- side of the blog (right under topics) called MH Cravings Tour Dates- check back there for more information, as we update the tour with more events and details in the coming weeks.


Mad Hungry Cravings' Book Tour Schedule

3/14: New York, NY: Institute of Culinary Education
Lucinda holds a moderated talk about her job as the Executive Director of Food and Entertaining at Martha Stewart Living as well as the creation of her brand, Mad Hungry + a book signing. $40 for general admission. Call 212-847-0770 to sign up (50 W 23rd St #5 New York, NY 10010).

3/19 Austin, TX

3/20: Dallas, TX

3/21: Fort Worth, TX

3/22: Southlake, TX

4/2:Fort Lauderdale, FL

4/10: Boston, MA:
12PM Cooking demonstration (with sample tastes!), Q&A, signing at Xhibition Kitchen in Northeastern University’s Stetson Hall, 11 Speare Place, Boston. Books will be available for purchase at the event courtesy of Barnes & Noble.

4/13: Washington, DC: Living Social Cooking Classes
 12:00 p.m. Cooking class: Noshes & Nibbles. Class includes a signed book and this menu: Grapefruit Thyme Cocktail; Caramelized Onion & Bacon Dip; Herbed Flatbreads; Guacamole; Fake-Out Flautas.

6:30 p.m. Cooking class: Dinner. Class includes a signed book and this menu: Stir-Fried Watercress; Sesame Chicken; Pork Fried Rice; Lychee Martinis.

4/14: Washington, DC: Living Social Cooking Classes 

11:00 am Cooking class: Brunch. Class includes a signed book and this menu: Black Tea and Citrus Pitcher; Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes, Double Pork Sausages, Modern Ambrosia Salad.

4/17: Toronto:
 Lucinda will stop by The Cookbook Store (850 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario M4W 2H1) to sign copies of the new book.

4/22: Los Angeles
Lucinda will stop by Book Soup in West Hollywood to sign copies of Mad Hungry Cravings. 

4/23: Salt Lake City, UT:

12:30 p.m. Cooking demonstration class & Signing at Harmons City Creek135 East 100 South, Salt Lake City. Class includes a signed book & tastes of 3 recipes. For more information: 801-428-0366.

7:00 p.m. Talk, Q&A, Signing at The King's English Bookshop, 1511 South 1500 East, Salt Lake City, UT 84105. More information: 801-484-9100.

 4/25: St. Paul, MN

5/1:Richmond, VA

5/6: Bellevue, WA
7:00 p.m. Talk, Q&A, Signing at Bellevue Arts Museum, 510 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue, WA 98004. In partnership with the King County Library System series, A Place at the Table: Inspiring Cooks, Nourishing CommunitiesBooks available for purchase courtesy of University Bookstore, Bellevue.

5/7: Seattle, WA: The Book Larder
 6:30 p.m. Talk & Signing at The Book Larder, 4252 Fremont Ave N  Seattle, WA 98103; 206-397-4271.

5/8: San Francisco, CA:  Omnivore Books
  6:00 p.m. Talk & Signing at Omnivore Books, 3885 Cesar Chavez Street, San Francisco, CA 94131; 415-282-4712.

5/9: San Mateo, CA: Draeger’s Cooking School
6:30 p.m. Cooking Class at Draeger’s Cooking School, 222 East 4th Avenue  San Mateo, CA 94401. Class includes a signed book and this menu: Grapefruit Thyme Cocktail; Caramelized Onion and Bacon Dip served with crudite; Chicken Livornese; Creamy Polenta; Escarole and Date Salad with Parmesan; Greek Yogurt Cake.

5/10: Danville, CA: Draeger’s Cooking School
6:30 p.m. Cooking Class at Draeger’s Cooking School, 4100 Blackhawk Plaza Circle, Danville, CA 94506. Class includes a signed book and this menu: Grapefruit Thyme Cocktail; Caramelized Onion and Bacon Dip served with crudite; Chicken Livornese; Creamy Polenta; Escarole and Date Salad with Parmesan; Greek Yogurt Cake.

5/11: Corte Madera, CA
1:00 p.m. Talk, Q&A & Signing (with Tastes!) at Book Passage, 51 Tamal Vista Blvd., Corte Madera, CA 94925.

Thank You + an Update

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SO, I finally have a breather to sit down and write. First off, my thanks goes out to every single person who supported our QVC efforts yesterday.

We first launched the Mad Hungry cookbook in October 2009. One thing that has always been so satisfying is how much that book has resonated in people's lives. Not because it reinvented the wheel, but because it reminded us of the wheel. I have always responded to the saying, "give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." In MH terms: cook for the ones you love. Teach them to cook for themselves. And they will pass it on.

In my own life, no greater thing is true. It has been my passion and pleasure to cook for my family and to teach them as we go along. All three of my boys can feed themselves healthfully and frugally at home. They all love cooking for others too. Now (and not to be greedy here), but its my dream that everyone in our rich country be mad hungry no more.

If the spirit moves you, please join me in supporting No Kid Hungry to learn how to help change this situation. As co-founder Jeff Bridges write, “Charity is an important provider of emergency assistance, but it’s no way to feed a nation. We don’t protect our national security through charity, and we shouldn’t protect our families that we either.”

Everything from the MHTV show to our first little spurtle effort is born out of the authentic experience of feeding my family in everyday life. This should be a right, not a privilege for all of us. As long as you guys keep responding, we can keep doing what we are doing here at Mad Hungry, which is why yesterdays success makes me so happy.

Beginning March 19th, I’m hitting the road on our Mad Hungry Cravings book tour. We’ll post that schedule tomorrow, so please check back. I hope as many of you as possible will come out and say hi if we are in your neck orf the woods.

With sincere gratitude,


(Photo courtesy of: Wes Weisser, Producer/Shooter/Editor at QVC).