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Recipes from Today's Show: Mad for Bananas

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TODAY on MHTV: We always have bananas in our house, in varying states of ripeness. I’ve been known to add some mashed-up banana to chocolate chip cookie dough, …

Recipes from Today’s Show: Quick, Impatient Pasta

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TODAY on MHTV: Keep hungry family members in check with a quick-cook appetizer of grilled calamari while you work on the main course: spaghetti amatraciana. For dessert, a …

Recipes from Today’s Show: Romantic Dinner

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TODAY on MHTV: Enjoying a night without the kids and making dinner for two! Seared black peppercorn steak, endive wedges with blue cheese, and sinfully good chocolate pots …

Recipes from Today's Show: Shepherd's Pie

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TODAY on MHTV: Get ready for a different kind of British Invasion that is guaranteed to rock hard. I got inspired to make my own version of shepherd’s …

Recipes from Today’s Show: Mad for Bananas

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TODAY on MHTV @ 11:30 a.m. ET: Bananas are one of my all-time favorite things to eat and I love to incorporate them into my cooking whenever I …