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Game Grub BOWL 2012!

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So here’s the deal: last year we asked you to bring your “A”-game tailgating and game grub recipes. Like football, we did playoffs and in the end there …

Tailgating Faves

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As you may or may not know I am not a football fan but that doesn’t mean the Quinn boys don’t love their football. I’ve just been alerted …

MH Game Grub Inspiration Pt. 2: Lo's Buffalo Chicken Dip

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Football was always something my dad and brothers were huge fans of and I never understood; I liked it more for the commercials and the hype than actually …

Wings Challenge Winner Announcement

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Congratulations to Marshall Woods on winning the MH Wings Challenge! We totally dug his wings and we hope heโ€™s enjoying his MS turkey. You might be wondering what …

MH MY Way: Scott Hargrove

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BEC Challenge winner, Scott Hargrove, sent us a really nice letter. And we mean really, really nice: โ€œDear Lucinda and MH Team, I just returned from a brief …

Red Hot Wings

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Such a fantastic extended family weekend. So many meals to cook, so many great cooks in the house and so little time! Here baby bro mans the grill …